01. Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protecting and providing for those you love requires early planning. Whether it’s a simple will or a living trust, you will want to make sure you understand your full range of options and obtain the advice you need to protect your family. We can also help you set up an estate plan that minimizes your tax exposure while making sure your assets remain protected. If indicated, we will also help prepare Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney, End-of Life Health Care Directives and establish Conservatorships.


A Trust is one of the most simple and effective estate planning tools. A proper Trust can save your loved ones the unnecessary costs and delays associated with probate, and can help minimize the potential for disagreement among your offspring and beneficiaries. We have been privy to a number of lawsuits that could have been easily avoided had the decedent simply created a Trust. Not doing so led to bitter fighting and heartache among his children. Take care of your family and give us a call so that we can help you do this the right way.


Many people think that writing a will is enough, but in California wills are subject to probate, so a will is not an effective way to save your family from the hassle that is the probate court. What you really need is a Trust with a "pour-over" will to ensure that all of your property avoids probate and is subject to the terms of your Trust. 

Power of Attorney

While end-of-life scenarios are not pleasant to contemplate, having a power of attorney in place will ensure you receive the proper care while saving your family thousands of dollars to otherwise establish a conservatorship. We can create a Durable Power of Attorney which will only empower your agent when absolutely necessary, retaining your autonomy and independence in the meantime.  

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