02. Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, elder care has become increasingly competitive and in some cases predatory. Although aggressively regulated, the economic forces driving the private elder care industry is to fill as many beds as possible while reducing operational costs at every conceivable level. A common result of this tension is negligent care and in far too many instances, elder abuse. Fortunately, the elderly have important legal rights and protections under federal and state law. Our firm is dedicated to protecting these rights and wherever possible making sure our clients are duly compensated for the wrongs committed against them.

Financial Elder Abuse

With declining mental and physical health comes an increased risk of undue influence and fraud. This unfortunately is oftentimes perpetrated by family members or close friends. California has a robust set of laws in place that help protect the elderly from financial abuse, including restraining orders, conservatorships, and civil and criminal action. If you think any of your elderly family members or friends are being taken advantage of, don't delay in seeking help for them.

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Elder abuse is a serious matter. Don't delay seeking the protection and justice your family needs.

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